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Message from Mars cover 2

Stranger Comics are now taking pre orders directly through your local comic book shop NOW!

Just take the code and give it to them and they can place an order for your Message From Mars Comic!

As seen on the face book page:

PreOrder available now! Vampire Hunter D written by Brandon Easton (#AgentCarter, #MASK). Art by Michael Broussard (#Artifacts, #TheDarkness). Variants by Jae Lee (#DarkTower, #Wolverine) and ArtGerm (#HarleyQuinn, #WonderWoman). Tell your local comic shop the dhampir has returned.

PreOrder Code for:

Cover A by Michael Broussard SEP161905
Cover B by Jae Lee SEP161906
Sketch Blank SEP161907

Vampire Hunter D issue #2 (cover A by Michael Broussard and cover B by Jae Lee) can be Pre-Ordered now at a DISCOUNT at MidtownComics! You had until October 20 to Pre-Order issue 1 the codes may be used for ordering(not confirmed).

Hyoung Taek Nam cover can be ordered here:

They can also be ordered here:


So it begins...

This article or section contains information about scheduled or expected future product(s).
It is likely to contain information of a speculative nature and the content may change dramatically as the product release approaches and more information becomes available.

VHD art

Concept art piece by Christopher Shy

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Announced!

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Marsalso referred to as Vampire Hunter D: Message from Cecil is an up and coming comic book adaptation of "Message from Cecile", an unpublished Hideyuki Kikuchi short story never before released in english. This story was only published for a fan event in Japan and will make it's English debut in this comic book series published by Stranger Comics.

VHD Message From Mars Preview!

VHD Message From Mars Preview!


Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection Announced! 

Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection, also referred to as Vampire Hunter D: The Series is an up coming CG animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi's novels.

Hideyuki Kikuchi Interview

Hideyuki Kikuchi Interview

Yoshiaki Kawajiri Interview

Yoshiaki Kawajiri Interview

Vampire Hunter D Resurrection (Anime Expo 2015)-0

Vampire Hunter D Resurrection (Anime Expo 2015)-0

Featured Articles

Barbarois is a community of Mutants, Demons and various other creatures that have been interbreeding for

many years. They are indebted to the Sacred Ancestor, and finally choose to help D, but Grove interrupts and the carriage leaves against the will of the elder. The village itself is hidden behind mountains, its walls are equipped with laser cannons and mutants hide behind rocks around it. Like any normal village, it contains houses and a town square, and the ground is covered with grass, meaning there is no corruption.

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Eris is the adopted daughter of a Widow in the village of Razin . She is an extraordinary physical specimen 
The Weapons Master of Razin scan0002

The Weapons Master of Razin

further amplified by her cyborg enhancements, and The Weapons Master of Razin , a title that matches her physical zenith that  towers above all others.

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Cthulhus realm by Acrylicdreams-1

Battle ruins near the fort of The Elder God. "The Playground"

The Playground Is a wasteland area that exist somewhere in between an airport in the Eastern Frontier and the Capital. The area takes six hours to fly over by Sky Bus. It is an area that is almost a perfect circle three hundred miles in diameter. Entry into the playground is strictly prohibited for any reason. If a child wonder into it no one is allowed to search for them. An aerial vehicle crash landing there it is out of the question for a search party to be sent out.

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Featured Media

Vampire Hunter D (PS1) Boss 8 Carmila (Female Vampire) - No Damage

Vampire Hunter D (PS1) Boss 8 Carmila (Female Vampire) - No Damage

Digital Manga - Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol

Digital Manga - Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1


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Which EPIC universe rending battle are you looking forward to most being depicted in the up and coming VHD:The Series?

The poll was created at 03:06 on November 20, 2015, and so far 64 people voted.


Update Feburary 22 2018!

Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend VHD Message from mars comic number 2 color preview d-face-1

The comic is officially moving forward with veteran artists Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend! They will be replacing Micheal Broussard in the main artist capacity. Its said Micheal Broussard is having some family illness to take care of. Well wishes, thoughts, and prayers go out to him and his family.

You can view some stunning preview art by them on the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars page! You can also check out the article here:

The pilot for Vampire hunter D the series is being put together and worked on written by Brandon Easton and may soon be released! The Pilot is based on and adapted from the Mysterious Journey to the North Sea!!! Now remember this is ONLY the pilot! Whether or not the series actually begins here is still unknown!

Update November 5th 2016!

VHD launch party Flyer

Message from VHD The Series:

If you're in the Los Angeles area, come out and join us for the launch party on Nov 12th!

Update July 9 2016!

VHD now a comic

Vampire Hunter D is now a comic officially! NUFF SAID!(yes Stan Lee Will be making an Appearance...^_^)

Update June 30th 2016!

VHD Message From Mars D Cyborg Horse Alt 2

The first ever Vampire Hunter D comic book, based on the short story by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Message from Cecile. This story has never before been translated. Check out the link blow to see how you can get the first issue and some brand new Vampire Hunter D merchandise. Also click here to go to the news page to check out more information on this.

Update March 9th 2016!

Left Hand 3d print out

Need a hand? The Resurrection Team is making a 3d print out design for LEFT HAND to give away! Check out for details as we get them!

Check out news on Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection!

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust gets a Blu Ray release!

More news...