May and Hugh, the brother-and-sister team that D encounters while crossing the swamp region. May has a chubby face, while Hugh is rather slim. Both are around eleven or twelve years old. Their parents are dead. Up until this point, they performed with little circuses, but they are on their way to the Capital, where they've been invited to join a full-fledged troupe of performers. Their display of acrobatics seems to defy the laws of conservation of energy, and D calls it "remarkable."

They use these acrobatics to take Hichou out of the air. After crossing the swamp, they part company with D and his group, but they are reunited when the ghost knights attack their stage coach. Later Hugh falls into Vince's hands and May is sold to Fisher Lagoon, sending the children on a tumultuous ride. In the end Fisher Lagoon takes them on as acrobatic performers at his establishment.

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