Ai-Ling Bogen
General information
Also known as







Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Dark

- Black,
- Tied in scarf

- Cotton shirt,
- Long skirt

Build: Unknown


Presumed Dream


Over 30


Unknown Village




Krutz Bogen (Husband)

First Appearance

Stuff of Dreams
Volume 5

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"I don't know why that was, I just found you truly hateful. Like you were going to destroy this life and everything we've worked so hard to build- but then, when I woke from the dream...I know I said I was happy before... but I envy Sibille. Never aging, just dreaming her dreams... They're not necessarily pleasant dreams. That's what everyone says. But any dream that you never had to wake up from would have to be better reality... even a nightmare. If she woke up, I wonder what she'd think of him... "

AI Ling is a farmer that once knew Sybille Schmitz, she and her husband own a farm inside the town walls. She makes her appearance The Stuff of Dreams.


Ai-Ling is a middle-aged woman with black hair tied back in a light brown scarf, her face was that of a woman long past her prime, hard around the mouth with faintly colored lips and razor sharp through the dark eyes. There was something refined about her, the clear line of her nose and her gracefully thin eyebrows. She wears a faded cotton shirt and long skirt, as well carrying an old-fashioned Tommy gun with a drum magazine. In addition to the Tommy gun, she had well-weathered knapsack slung on her back. Her hand was injured so she covered it, she had countless scars on the back, and the skin had hardened in a condition unique to toxic bites so that it was now like the scaly hide of a fire dragon, she tries to keep it hidden.

The FarmEdit

Ai-Ling's farm is rich, but consists only of a few animals.



  • (To D) ""A dream" where people in love hold hands when they walk down the street. Where the library has all books you ever wanted to read. A dream where no one threatens anyone else, and everyone thinks about other people and does things for them without ever being asked. Where new fashions arrive from the Capital every week. A dream where the pharmacist has all the medicine you need to soothe your child's fever. Where you can make ends meet without working like a dog. A dream where everyone goes down to the pond on a moonlit night to catch fireflies. And a dream..."".
  • (To D) "She got her wish. "The night in her dream never ends, does it?"

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