Legendary brave human who aided in the capture of the Ultimate Noble Lord Valcua . His descendants are now under the protection of Count Braujou , General Gaskell , and the Duchess Miranda .


He was a man who'd been imprisoned in Valcua's Castle as a test subject but had manged to escape. Finding him by the side of the road suffering from a stomachache, Count Braujou gave him some medicine. The count couldn't fathom why he did it, probably the thoughts of going to his destruction gave him an uncharacteristic view on how precious life was. He thanked Braujou and said he would return the favor. The Count along with General Gaskell and Duke Harness just laughed it off thinking it to be impossible. Saying maybe in that case, if he was serious, he should accompany them to Valcua's Castle. After that they didn't even give him a thought. But he did not forget the promise he made.

When the time came and they were on the brink of destruction he fulfilled that promise saving them and was the reason they succeeded.

Afterward when it came time to part company with Count Braujou and the other nobles, at the edge of Valcua's domain, they wished to reward him; asking him what he may want. He thought for a while, and then the man told them he had the ability to see the future. It rarely manifested itself, and because of this he was bound to end his days as a poor wandering scholar, but it was this ability that had shown him the trick with the swords he'd used to repel Valcua earlier. Now strangely enough, it had shown him another vision of a star falling to earth. Undoubtedly that was to mean that after Valcua had been exiled to space, he'd inevitably return at some unknown date. If the two of them still lived when he did, he asked that the Nobles would protect his family or their descendants. They agreed to that. And when, just as he'd said, the Sacred Ancestor didn't drive a stake through Valcua's heart but rather sentenced him to exile in the vastness of space, they believed that the Ultimate Noble would indeed return.


A tall disheveled man who had been imprisoned many years in Valcua's Castle. Mal nutrition would lead to his frail frame. Similar in many features to Matthew and Sue .

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Some access to the Akashic Record

Sign of the Cross


Cross Swords  

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