Lady Ann gathering roses 001
Lady Ann
General information
Also known as

The Holy Knight








Over 799


Southern Frontier Sector


Lord of Southern Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
Roland (Father)
Alice (Mother)

Revived By

Sacred Ancestor

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Dark Road

Hideyuki Kikuchi

The Holy Knight, Lady Ann is one of the seven invitees: Greater Nobles summoned by General Gaskell. She is the beloved daughter of Roland, the Duke of Xenon.


Though she has lived nearly eight hundred years, she still has the appearance of a girl of around ten. With golden hair in braids and clear blue eyes, she first appears before the transport party wearing a neat dress, gray knee socks, and white shoes. A golden bracelet studded with red and blue gems adorns the arm carrying a gray flower basket chock full of blossoms.


She upon meeting the party after going out on her own picking flowers becomes completely changed in feeling that D is the greatest love of her life. Mistaking the Countenanced Carbuncle for malidy that is plaguing D she sticks him with a flour which drains him turning D's hand into a shriveled mummy.

Lady Ann with D unconious sunlight sickeness 001

Kissing unconscious D

Using the "flower fortress" to protect D from her father, she succeeds in keeping him safe from him and the Grand Duke long enough for D to recover from sunlight sickness. Later, while being pursued by Lord Rocambole as his fourth life, she still manages to plant one of her flowers in his left eye, but she shortly thereafter struck in the neck by him and dies with D watching over her. She turns out to be a wooden puppet made by an artisan beloved by the gods.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lady Ann 001

Physical stats of a Greater Noble

Manipulations of Flowers


Leech grass- flowers she uses for a variety of effects. which include draining not only blood, but all kinds of energy.

Golden hair- she can make needles out of her hair.

Flower fortress- putting flowers around and area planting them when an enemy gets too close the flowers activate on their own sticking them draining them of all energy.

Pink bloom- called Fragrant Silent Night, a particular favorite of her mother, Alice.

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