"One hundred thousand kilometers to target.'--Air Chariot AI

"Dimensional vortex shot. Just one shot."--Lord Greylancer

"Affirmative. Escape route secured. However, probability of escape is one percent.""

Air Chariot AINoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

Also called an Air Chariot, its  Lord Greylancer's personal transportation.

Like out of a dream a chariot styled space craft equipped with an anti gravitational field allowing flight, and anti proton cannon that completely destroys all matter, and a dimensional shot: a blast that not only destroys the target but sends the debris left in wake to another dimension. It is equipped with an advanced AI that takes voice commands anticipates actions needed and automatically displays the probability for success. It has sensors that searches out desired targets and relays the information on a screen. Custom made by Varossa and conceptualized by his sister Laria , it is also equipped with Stealth Technology that masks him from all technological senses and telepathic detection when engaged. The barrier has been strengthened at least to twice as strong as the last chariot destroyed in the moon base assault. It allows him to overpower and pass through other barriers not as technologically advanced or strong as his such as Meyerling's with out effort. A barrier that held back the entire Counter Insurgency Forcescalculated to have enough energy to last for eternity that enveloped his entire kingdom. The Capital's dimensional cutter also seems to be useless.

It allows for faster than light speed travel as they are described as reaching the moon from earth using them with in moments.

The Air Chariot Battalion and Counter Insurgency Forces have a fleet of these but not as advanced as Greylancer's

In Mercenary Road it is mentioned the Nobility have the ability through a special field travel near or at lightspeed with in earth atmosphere. These chariots probably make use of this and travel at that speed or maybe faster outside earth's atmosphere.

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