"This was a forbidden area. Not too long ago, I dug up the pillars and the stone walls and put them back in place" --Curio

"Oh, now that is something. If there were another of me around, I'd give you a round of applause. "

Left Hand[src]

The Nobles treatment Center. It specialized in mental health. It became a forbidden area as decreed by the House of Peers in the Noble controled Capital thousands of years ago.


As a mental health center it treated thousands of Nobles . Nobles with the very worst of mental conditions. It's a giant area with many pillars and stone walls that make up the building. Inside about thrity feet in is a stairway leading underground that appears. There is an under ground lake here. With bronze boats they'd put the patients in those and let them drift around out on the water. The Nobility having a terrible aversion to water in general in most cases would not be an option. But this is why ony the very worst were chosen for it. Their mental conditions were not like that of normal human mental conditions. Here the Essence of the Sacred Ancestor would heal the psyches of the patients. It filled the whole underground lake gushed out through the skylight that surround the area under water to fill the black cold water. What is described as now an evil presence has invaded  the area which laid his essence where now it sleeps under the bottom of the lake.  The Ultimate Noble's Lifeforce. The invasion cause the birds to stop singing, and the breeze in the area no longer sighed. The force of life became one of death, and even the essence of the Sacred Ancestor completely sublimated. Only and equally powerfull lifeforce can now wake it back up.

Curio's ControlEdit

When Sue Dyalhis and Left hand arrive here it is under the control of Curio's word, who has put it back together faithfully and taken control of it's inhabitant. Ghost Nobles. These ghost nobles are held at bay at first by the sleeping essence of the Sacred Ancestor. When they come near it they are instantly destroyed by the barrier it forms.They begin sacrificing themselves to further subvert it and get through the barrier to attack them. The river D fell into earlier fed into this Lake. His apparance he cuts down some of the ghost and uses his senses to find where the Essence had been sealed away. Breaking that seal the ghost are made docile and they move on. The lake clears becoming  pristine. The ghost move on.


Essence of the Sacred Ancestor

Ultimate Noble's Lifeforce

Ghost Nobles

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