A semi transparent, pearl like sphere marked in places by faint distortions. It is a byproduct of the experiments conducted by Baron Meinster in the great lab six thousand feet below his castle in an attempt to create a new lifeform of Nobility that could live in the sea or out in the daylight. Once a year such a Nobleexpels impurities that have accumulated in his body, producing a bead like the one Su-In finds on the beach. One theory is that,by analyzing the bead one could solve the mysteries of human and Noble DNA. This bead is the focus ched of a pitched battle between D Su-In and Wu-Lin , Professor Krolock , Gilligan and his five emplyees , Toto , and Glen . In the end the threat of the Nobility is removed, but only after the bauble causes the village of Florence quite a bit a trouble.

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