A Wood Cutter living on the outskirts of Adoz . He sees an OSB UFO Spaceship crash land near his Cabin. Investigating he is killed by the OSB and his identity stolen.


A human shadow. He has a bearded face. Spiked leather vest and a wool shirt. The wide-barrel hunting pistol was nicked and well worn, but the hand axe struck behind his belt was shinny enough to reflect one's face. Another larger axe lay at his feet that he might also have carried.


A normal villager he has his identy stolen. The OSB then poses to be investigating the crash when Greylancer shows up. The OSB not seeming to notice Greylancer's approach disintergrates the aircraft alerting Greylancer. After speaking with the OSB he knows he is discovered. Launching an attack with an atomic blaster, Greylancer seemingly disentegrates in the blast. The OSB thinking it won, is impaled from behind in the solar plexus.  After some attempt at interrogation Greylancer using the impaled spear twists and turns it till the OSB finally perishes. Splitting it in two, the flesh transforms back liquifying into gray mucus and oozed  outward.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

OSB Physcal Stats



Wide Barrel Hunting Pistol

Hand Axe

Large Axe

Atomic Blaster- Standard weapon of the OSB . It shoots an atomic blast capable of immolating a target at the molecular level. Vampires are immune to it and just ressurect. Some with in minutes, others in seconds.

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