Power within Baron Byron Balazs body given by Sacred Ancestor when the young Baron in his mother womb. When awakened, Byron gain enough power to slay Vlad - The Guide fused body. It also give him recuperation at same speed as D and ability to walk under sunlight.

Another power was given to Sybille Schmitz that gave her reality warping powers and the power to make her dreams real.

The Sacred Ancestor also bestowed a similar power to the Grand Duke Dorleac as the Power of God. With out experimentation it seems. This power awakened when he was on the verge of death when cut down by his son. It allows him to regenerate immediately and enhanced his abilities significantly. It also enhanced his Energy of a Thousand Lives attack. He also grows pearly white fangs.

Stanza and Strider were also bestowed power seemingly by a form of possession by the Sacred Ancestor's power.

The Sacred Ancestor also gave a similar power to Toma and the Black Death Gang. This plus The Night gave them power nearly to D's.

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