Bijima the Second Stomach is an itiherant warrior, who is grouped with Price and Kurt.

A bearded warrior who dresses in a military-style khaki outfit. His teeth are yellow. Working under Price, he enters the village of Anise with Kurt, and Mayor Corbier hires the three of them. His nickname is 'Bijima the Second Stomach'.


He can open his mouth so wide only a tiny flap of skin remains connected on the back of his head to swallow creatures whole. When necessary, he can set them loose. His shirt is affixed with velcro, so it would fly open when he exerted any strength to his belly. He would then proceed to split his stomach open, and set upon loose the creatures inhabiting his belly.

Swallowed creatures Edit

Swallowed weapons & tools Edit

  • Plastic Explosives (a square lump, slim silver tube stick in it-the fuse. And the block was an plastic explosion. Juding by the pinkish color, it was a incendiary charge. Creates a fifty-thousand degree blast)

Weaponary Edit

  • Broadsword, holstered at hips