The Black Death Gang is a a bandit gang, that plunders villages on the frontier. They have about 60 members (excluding the Sleeper Agents they've send to spy on the villages).

The Black Death Gang scouts are famous for their keen hearing, nightvision and binocular eyes.

He makes his appearance in Scenes From An Unholy War.


Black Death Gang Sleeper Agents Edit

Black Death Gang Sleeper Agents are spies send by the Black Death Gang to infiltrate villages they appointed to plunder. Sometimes they've infiltrated a village years in advance.

Other named Black Death Gang members Edit

Known ex-members Edit


They had a weapon stash consisting of 1 triple shot missile launcher, an old fashione 50 ton intelligent tank like they used in the nobility wars, a ten-shot 50mm laser cannon, 3 heavy machineguns, 10 light machineguns and a shitload of automatic rifles.

Some members wear bulletproof helmets, masks and body armor.