The Bullow Brothers: Bingo and Clay, are characters from the Vampire Hunter D novel Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane and Volume 6 of the Vampire Hunter D Manga. Bingo is the older of the two, and Clay is the younger. The two of them are said to be the top fighters in the Outer Frontier. Though they are hired by the lawyer Thornton to kill D, the older Bullow is killed with a sword, and shortly after witnessing that death, the younger is pierced through the forehead by a wooden needle.

Members Edit

Vhd6 bingo profile

Bingo Bullow drawn by Manga Artist, Saiko Takaki.

Vhd6 clay profile

Clay Bullow drawn by Manga Artist, Saiko Takaki.


A pair of giant dead trees that mark the entrance to the desert. Between them, Bingo Bullow waits alongside Granny Viper's wagon for D