Callas the Diva

Callas the diva in the novels.

General information
Also known as

The Diva






Hair:Long, Black

Dress:Purple, diaphanous


Build:Gorgeous, curvy




Over 5,000




Valcua's Seven


Soprano in Opera Troupe


Mother(Name not Given)


Powers and Abilities
  • highly skilled combatant
  • Enhanced Physical Stats
  • Extended Lifespan
First Appearance

Tyrant's Stars 1-2

Hideyuki Kikuchi
Callas the Diva is part of Lord Valcua's elite guard, Valcua's Seven.


A divine beauty with black hair and a golden circlet which, near the center of the circlet, rose in a relief of a bizarre creature's face, the eyes of which were set with blue jewels. Her naked body can be see through the pale purple diaphanous dress she wears. 


Five thousand year ago, Callas her mother was a soprano in a Opera troupe that traveled the Frontier, her mother an the three year old Callas, who already was quite popular and the highest soprano in the troupe, fell in favor of Lord Valcua.

Both of them ended up as Lord Valcua's personal singing entertainment, as he preferred their voices to their blood. Every night who would listen, enraptured, to Callas and her mother singing. But the passage of time that was meaningless to him was all too apparent foe for us. The first night Callas and her Mother entered Valcua's mansion, Callas's her mother swore she would sing for him alone for the rest of her days, she also extracted a promise from the grand duke. He was never to give the kiss of the Nobility to Callas.

Twenty years later, Lord Valcua crept into her bedroom and gave her the kiss. However she didn't turn into a Noble, as Lord Valcua is able to do incredible things that he alone can do. She ended up with a voice that had a power more wondrous than any song that ever came from a human throat.

She makes her appearance in Tyrant's Stars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With a voice like a golden bell, her majestic singing bewitches everything that can hear it, like the sirens from Greek mythology. From the vines of plant and trees that will come to live to tens of thousands of birds flying in the sky, all who befell on her spell will do as she commands.

"Fifth was an incident involving the army of a certain Noble. In a bizarre turn of events, roughly a thousand soldiers had committed suicide. That day, a certain singer from the capital had paid them a visit, performing a dozen songs before leaving. According to the one soldier who miraculously survived -a man who'd lost his hearing in battle- nothing had been out of the ordinary during the singer's performance, but that night everyone else decided to die."
Count Braujou[[Tyrant's stars|[src]]]


Callas has a dagger of which both sides are honed razor sharp.

Later on she rode on top of a giant eagle, with a total wingspan of sixty-five or seventy feet.

Trivia Edit

Callas might be a reference to the famous greek opera soprano Maria Callas, also known as Callas the Diva.

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