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The Bloody Countess






Over 5,000




Vampire Queen


Sacred Ancestor(Lover)

D(Step Son)

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

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Carmilla is a deceased female Vampire who was a member of Nobility. She once held a reign of 5,000 years where she earnt the name "The Bloody Countess" due to her rule of terror on the Human race. As such, she developed a reputation for her extreme ferocity along with a bloodlust. In time, the Vampire King grew impatient with her vanity and her bloodthirsty nature to the point that he decided to kill her in her sleep by driving a sword into her body in her castle.

Despite this being the case, her spirit remained and continued to haunt her castle over the centuries following her demise. After learning of Meier Link and Charlotte's desire to reach the stars to live in peace in their forbidden romance, Carmilla sensed a means to bring about her resurrection. She paid the Barbarois to guard the couple and escort them to her castle. Once there, she used her powers of illusion to leave Meier trapped in his mind and drink Charlotte's blood.

At that point, a Dhampir hunter called D arrived who intended to save Charlotte as he had been paid by her family to bring her back safely. Using her powers, Carmilla intended to break his mind with illusions but this failed at which point she unleashed her power to kill him. First, she attempted to highlight that he was killing his own kind and claimed that the vampire race were a dominant force which would survive. However, D unleashed his inner power that broke Carmilla's hold and weakened her before she could fully reform her body. With Dracula's sword removed from her chest, her weakened form attempted to drain whatever blood remained within Charlotte but she was stopped by Meier.

Defeated, her weakened spirit formed in front of D and asked him if he was the son of the Vampire King. At which point, D called upon the power of Left Hand to remove whatever fragments of Carmilla was left. Her last moments was remarking of D's great power before she was finally killed.


Novel and anime

Carmilla was never in the novel, Demon Deathchase. She was a character based on the Gothic novella, Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. The novella came out in 1872.

Anime and gameEdit

In 1999 "Vampire Hunter D" video game, developed and released prior to Bloodlust's completion, Carmilla is called "Carmila" in the game text (though it's still pronounced like Carmilla, the lack of double Ls doesn't change the short I into a long I in the voice acting) and addresses herself as "Elizabeth Bartley Carmila".


  • "Elizabeth Bartley" is a variation on Elizabeth Bathory's name, and this spelling was used for a character who is Dracula's niece in the 1994 video game Castlevania: Bloodlines.
  • Many of the concepts of Carmilla may have been based on the Man Eating Road. Many things such as its powers and the scene of Carmilla philosophizing the state of the Nobility and D's response to it may have been adapted to her character's use.


Vampire Hunter D (PS1) Boss 8 Carmila (Female Vampire) - No Damage04:53

Vampire Hunter D (PS1) Boss 8 Carmila (Female Vampire) - No Damage

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