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Young Master







Clothes:Dark Green

Build:Ten year old Kid






Northern Frontier


Lord of Unknown Area


Vampire Father(Unknown)

Vampire Mother(Unknown)

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

The Castle's Resident

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"I encountered an incredible opponent. He was a knight―I guess. Dressed all in black―honestly, he was black from his head right down to his toes. The only other color to him was the pendant on his chest―and his pale white face. It glows white like the sun. I've never seen such a beautiful face. He's lovelier than mother! What's death? Could it be something scary? If so then that's what he is, all right."
Castle's Resident[[ The Castle's Resident|[src]]]

A never named Noble destined never to grow up. According to the physician who attended his birth, such Nobles are born from time to time. Makes his appearance in The Castle's Resident


He is twenty years old but appears to be about ten. Wears a dark green cape and wields a golden sword and spear. He is described as "bigger" than Maria his caretaker and retainer.


As one who appears to be mystically imbued with a kind of eternal youth and child his personality and development remains as though he is a 10 year old boy. It's very similar to that of a peter pan like existence. He is very intelligent, kind, obedient, proud, and skilled warrior. But his most striking quality still seems to be his innocence as befitting his level of development.

He seems incapable of fully understanding concepts that shouldn't be difficult as some one who has developed normally to the age of 20. He remains a child despite the ability to learn other concepts and gain more knowledge and experience.


Maria has been his companion for the past ten years. She watches over him until the time when his parents will return. Later on it is revealed they have already returned and died unimaginably from wounds in a war they fought. She kept this secret from him though for many years. She keeps him occupied with the "toys" made for him and developed by his parents. He enters in a dome like area which is an area with a dream like state where he battles different beings as a sort of training. In one particular time he battles D in this state as he travels to the castle having been contracted as a Hunter to rid the Nobility in this area. He fights D with the enchanted blade and is eventually cut down.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Greater Noble Powers

Noble Aging Malady


Sword of Alucard

Golden Spear


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