The place where General Gaskell's "invitees" convene. There's and herb garden growing in the inner courtyard of the castle, and a cobble stone path through the spacious forecourt. The interior of the castle becomes a maze for unwelcome guests, and the top floor of the tower whereRosaria is held has multiple defenses, such as the six-foot-wide, thirty-foot-deep channel of water that surrounds the woman. On the roof of the castle there's a place for launching aircraft, with the aircraft being stored a floor below. In a room only Gaskell can locate, there stands a giant statue of the Sacred Ancestor, and in its hand is a tablet engraved with the names of the seven "Invitees". However,  the name of one of them  is worn out and illegible until the moment they awaken to their true nature. When Gaskell makes his escape, he gives orders that the castle be completely destroyed, and it crumbles away as if made of sand.

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