"Behold! my castle guards! I don't care if you are a Vmpire Hunter, you can't very well cut down a collection of electrons. But they can cut you!"
Rose PrincessRose Princess|[src]]]

Rose Prince's Castle Guards they are warriors clad in light weight metal alloy armor. With finlike blades shielding their shoulders  and underarms, thier armor was a style usedexclusively by the nobility in the Northern Frontier. Furthermore, every one of the warriors were transluscent. Althoughno more than black outlines could be seen through thier chests and thicker parts  of thier faces, stone pillars and trees showed quite clearly through places like thier abdomens and shins. These warriors are not flesh and blood. They are conglomerations of electrons. Their weapons originally were meant to be used against armored chagers and tanks.

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