"I don't think we can just abandon him. Come daybreak, we'll go get him." —Count Braujou

"So, where is it we're headed, anyway?" —Matthew Dyalhis

"The central Frontier," —Count Braujou

"Central? I didn't think there was such a place." —Matthew Dyalhis

"There was, a long time ago. Now it's been nibbled away by the sectors to the north, south, east, and west, and largely forgotten, but part of it still remains. But what's out there?"

Count BraujouTyrant's Stars 1-2|[src]]]

The very existence of the Central Frontier had been forgotten. It's a desolate landscape where wind seemed to dine on death. No creatures remain or vegetation of any kind.On either side stretched dull red plains and rocky crags, and occasionally on the crest of a hill or at the foot of a rocky mountain the apparent remains of ancient structures could be found. Lost travelers would ask where they were, and on learning this was the central frontier, they would invariably wonder if a place even existed.

It was said that he Central Frontier had been wiped from human memory due to its land being nibbled away on all sides by the Northern, Southern,Easter, and Western Frontier sectors. Topographically speaking, that was correct, but people liked another story better. They said that brutal battles had been fought here specifically to expunge the place from the memories of every living being. Over the mellennia, this attempt had proved successful. Now, no one but those called elders knew of the Central Fronteir's existence.

Lamoa FortressEdit

​A fortress built by Count Braujou with the help of Duchess MirandaGaskell , and the Sacred Ancestor  it's located sitting in the middle the Central Frontier. It was built in order to prepare for the return of the Ultimate Noble to protect the descendants of the Dyalhis Family as part of their agreed oath along with the Nobles he has sworn to get vengeance. 

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