"I'm surprised the Privy Council hasn't twisted your arm to tell them your secret".--Vlijmen Mayerling

"They have. Virgilius was chancellor then. I pretended to lose my footing and knocked him with this lance, he never asked of it again."--The Noble Greylancer

"I hear Chancellor Virgilius never regained the use of is arm..."

Vlijmen MayerlingNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]    

A Greater Noble that is the former Chancellor of the Privy Council Ministry. He lost use of his arm in an encounter with Lord Greylancer after repeated attempts to learn the secret to his daywalking ability. Even orchestrated repeated breakins of House Greylancer to learn it but the perpetrators hired by him were all killed. He confronted Greylancer himself ending in him losing an ability instead of gaining one...

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