Towering over the northern forest near Diemli is a tree several centuries old. Its base is so thick it would take a hundred people to join hands around it and it stands over three thousand feet high. The inside has been hollowed out into rooms of various sizes and it's been used as a watch tower, control tower, for an airfield, an evacuation center in times of disaster and a store house. There are some two and three story buildings inside. It's also infested with giant lightning-generating cats, giant spiders, and more creatures than you can shake a Monster Manual at. The top has a dome shaped lid that two or three people can fit through at the same time.

Storehouse for dirt and compostEdit

A room in the colossal tree in the same Diemli. D's left hand consumes the earth htere to transform D back from the watery form the Kenlark's attack has given him.

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