An M-8026 CT model tank(8026 may stand for  the year of manufacture, while CT is for"computerized tank") equipped with a 150-millimeter laser cannon and a ceramic turret, and powered by an ultracompact atomic reactor. Its beams produce ten-million-degree spheres of light. The flat body of the vehicle is treated with a special coating resistant to lasers and other light-beam weaponry. Only the 3D radar dish and caterpillar treads are vestiges of ancient times. One was unearthed on the edge of the village in Tepes several years ago. They called in a mechanic  all the way from the Capital to give it a tune-up. Thanks to this tank, their losses to bandits and colossal beasts  in the three years since have been nil, though the village remains poor as ever. This model is over two thousand years old, but still has the manual and it gets the job done.

The Weapons Master of Razin has access to an updated more advanced model.