Count Magnus Lee lives with his daughter in a towering castle surrounded by a moat and defended by countless security cameras and photon cannons. A massive ashen citadel atop of a hillock some two hours riding hard northwest of Doris Lang's home. It's constructed to mimic castles of the middle ages. The castle's large courtyard holds sculptures and orderly design elements copied from medieval German Castles. The surveillance satellite in geostationary orbit 22,240 miles above the castle and the uncounted security cameras are disguised in fruits or spiders send the castle's mother computer images of any intruder. In an underground room is a wall thirty feet high covered by a colossal portrait of the Sacred Ancestor. At the bottom of his castle lies the layer of the Midwich Medusas.


Lee Castle AIEdit

The castle is run by a sentient computer system. It runs all of Lee Castle's electronics, computer network, defenses, entrances lockdown and opening, and automated soldiers such as Mechanical Soldiers, and Robotic Beasts. It also sends an alert to Magnus Lee personally through a transmitter located in his jacket. It also seems to advise him of strategy and observances of situations, and persons.


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