Cronenberg is a small city with a population of thirty thousand that stretches across the plains 120 miles north of the center of the Frontier (or Central Frontier).


Cronenberg collects goods from all over the Frontier. There's cold storage for seatood shipped from the coast, vast processing plants for livestock that graze on the plains, plus salloons, hotels, and casinos. This is Wu-Lin's destination when she leaves Florence with the bead . Nothing happens in Cronenberg with out Gilligan's approval. Gilligan has his factory on the third floor of his main house along with other houses speread out the city.

Gilligan's FactoryEdit

The private, doomed workshop on the third floor of Gilligan's main house. There's so much engineering equipment and material like plastic and steel that there isn't even room to walk around. Apprently this si where the dying Gilligan gets into his giant robotic crab and heads off to Florence.

Cyrus's Curio ShopEdit

The shop in Cronenberg Wu-Lin vists to have her bead appraised beginning all her misfortune and fated miserable end. It is filled with old-fashioned tables and chairs, paintings, sculptures antique mirrors, and such. Gilligan has an arrangement with the shopkeeper, so anything really valuable ends up in his bloated hands. Because of this, Wu-Lin is quickly abducted from the hotel the curio-shop owner recommends.


A nasty little insect that makes those it bites tell the truth. It folds and straightens its body like an inch worm, and on its head are a pair of strangely over-sized simple eyes and a thorn like proboscis for a month. Those it bites suffer for about thirty minutes before dying. Su-In's younger sister Wu-Lin falls victim to this creature in Cronenberg so that Gilligan can learn more about the bead.