A popular weapon on the Frontier that comes in a variety of models.
Borgoff modified crossbow

Borgoff Marcus Modified crossbow vs the Living Dead

In Tepes , a boy plating with a homemade crossbow when he discovers a vampire victim in the woods.

Barga's twelve-pound crossbow can launch a projectile more than fifty yards and can be fited with a cyllindrical magazazine of steel arrows ar speeds of six hundred feet persecond.

Bierce's weapon of choice when we meet him shows so much strength, accuracy, and capability not only against the Six Guardian Knights, the Sacred Ancestor's Assasins, and The Sacred Ancestor's Army but also D himself who can not dodge it's arrows. It can only be infused with the Power of God to explain it's high standard.

Borgoff Marcus uses a modified crossbow in Blood Lust .

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