"You think an unsightly creature like Speeny could triumph over that young warrior? Surely you jest. A man like that only comes around once in a thousand years, perhaps even once in ten thousand years. A miraculous jewel born between heaven and earth."
Curio the PreacherTyrant's Stars 1-2|[src]]]
Curio the Preacher

Curio transported by his giant hawk mount in the novels.

General information
Also known as

The Preacher




Terminal Possessed


Over 5,000




Valcua's Seven



Powers and Abilities
  • Enhanced
    Physical Stats
  • Extended
First Appearance

Tyrant's Stars 1-2

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Curio the Preacher is part of Lord Valcua's elite guard, Valcua's Seven. He wears a hooded robe like the missionary, Courbet, but the color of his was a far more sinister vermilion. He was one of the most powerful among Valcua's Seven.

He makes his appearance in Tyrant's Stars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Curio has a sermonizing power, to which he can let others, do his bidding when commanded by his low voice, even if they are half dead!

"Fourth was the disappearance of the entire population of a town. One day, everyone in an eastern Frontier village of about twenty thousand suddenly disappeared. It was said that in the saloons, half-empty glasses were let on tables, and smoke still curled from cigarettes, half-turned to ash. A resident who'd just returned from out of town discovered this disappearance. The situation was the same in every home, making it seem as if they'd all been going about their normal daily routines when something happened that made all of them decide to leave town for good- without stopping to see to anything else."
Count Braujou[[Tyrant's stars|[src]]]

Like Callas the Diva he seems to have enhanced physical prowess in all areas and an extended life span, allowing for a youth full appearance and ability.


Curio's mount is a giant hawk with a thiry-foot wingspan, who does everything Curio instructs as it's under influence of Curio's prayers.

Curio has a machete concealed inside his robe.

Lasting Controlled(Formerly)Edit

Giant Hawk

Village of Razin


The Weapons Master of Razin



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