Duke Gilzen by Beauty-inodgilzen by beauty in oddity-daytvvx

Beauty-in-Oddity of deviantart rendering of Duke Gilzen using darkness manipulation

The ability to generate and manipulate darkness for a variety of effects. Most common use is complete concealment visually from others despite the ability to pierce darkness with visual powers or not need much light to see such as night vision. The location of the individual along with their voice or any other sound is completely concealed.

Vlad Balazs seems to be a master of this ability. Despite Jean de Carriole's experienced powers with magic and having known and worked under Vlad for centuries can not pierce this.

D displays this ability many times through out the series.

Toma and the other chosen ones in the Black Death Gang also display this ability.

The Gilzen Commission is assaulted by Duke Gilzen under the cover of darkness he manipulates in the brightness of the day time. Under a kind of darkness form that can't be perceived, turns all the Mountain Folk in flight. The group notice they all have the power to walk in the day light despite being Noble. In the mist of their astonishment, Lourié is grabbed temporarily by the Duke who has him drink some sort of concoction. This drink turns him into a living corpse instantly.

Pol displays this ability while fighting his sister Iriya.

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