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Duchess Miranda tearing out Seurat 's hair

Duchess Miranda
General information





Eyes:Blood Red
alluring temptress




Over 8,000


Southern Frontier Sector


Lord of Southern Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
Duke Harness (Husband)

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Tyrant's Stars 1-2

Hideyuki Kikuchi

""I'll thank you to address me as Duchess, Count Braujou"
Duchess Miranda[src]

The Duchess Miranda is the wife of Duke Harness, who has taken over all her husband's stations. She makes her appearance in Tyrant's Stars 1-2.


Five thousand years ago, the entire northern Frontier, as well as the eastern and Western sectors, had been under the control of a single Noble: Lawrence Valcua the Ultimate Noble. A Noble among Nobles, he was one of the Greater Nobility, and no one challenged his power,  his fortune, or his rank. Though many Nobles loathed serving in the Frontier Sectors, he'd actively pursed such duties, converting a castle from a mysterious and ancient human culture in the Northern extreme of the very worst part of the frontier, creating fortifications to lay claim to half the Northern Frontier, and then making a grab for the east west and south War ensued, with the east and west falling to his rule in less than fifty years. Only a band of Nobility in the Southern Sector offered him any resistance. Miranda's husband: The Duke Harness, The Great General Gaskell, and Count Braujou. Later beneath his castle they found four million humans and Nobles murdered in every way imaginable.

""The remaining million still lived. At least, they still lived as severed heads or disembodied hearts. A single tube from a store of life-preserving drugs in an unseen tank that was said to exist in the fourth dimension kept them from dying. Moreover, the drugs contained vast quantities of painkillers and nano-machines to prevent death or madness, and they also provided an 'alternate reality' that would make the psyche succumb to the most extreme form of isolation and despair. It was for this reason that Lawrence Valcua was dubbed the Ultimate Noble."
Duchess Miranda[src]

Finding himself challenged by their combined forces the battle stretch on for a thousand years. The Frontier was transformed into a wasteland, bloody rains created rivers, and lakes of gore, battles with hex technology, corrupted the earth down to the very magma core and only a "dream" Duchess Miranda gave it left the land capable of sustaining life. Tapping the power of magma and the leyline to give Valcua a black eye, they did not imagine he would pay them back by attacking with a shooting star. Not only had the Ultimate Noble managed to wrest it from its orbit in the solar system, he was able to use it with a plan to wipe out another planet.

Despair gripped the tree on the verge of defeat. That's when it happened.. The Sacred Ancestor Stepped forward. Averting extinction of the others on the planet the way the course was suddenly changed defying all laws of physics left them numb. Vowing to get revenge on those who sent him away, Valcua promised he would return to kill them and the descendants of the Human. They then made a pact that if he were to ever return that they would protect the decedents at all costs. Taking on the promise in place of her slain Husband. Miranda has also taken this vow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble

Mist form- Ability to take on a mist form allows her to slip in and out of even the most secure areas with ease.



Lamoa Fortress

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