Duke Harness
General information
Also known as

Miranda's Husband






Over 3,000


Southern Frontier Sector


Lord of Southern Frontier


Sacred Ancestor(Vampire Progenitor)

Duchess Miranda(Wife)

Vampire Mother(unknown)

Vampire Father(unknown)

First Appearance

Tyrant's Stars 1-2

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Duchess Miranda's Husband


Five thousand years ago, the entire northern Frontier, as well as the eastern and Western sectors, had been under the control of a single Noble: Lawrence Valcua the Ultimate Noble. Only aband of Nobility in the Southern Sector offered him any resistance. Miranda's husband: The Duke Harness, The Great General Gaskell, and Count Braujou. Finding himself challenged by their combined forces the battle stretch on for a thousand years. The Frontier was transformed into a wasteland, bloody rains created rivers, and lakes of gore, battles with hex technology corrupted the earth down to the very magma core.

Ordering the three of them to take Vlacua alive equipping them with tech that would leave them untraceable to enter and leave Valcua's domain the three set off. Valcua who was distracted having a banquet with lakes of alcohol and mountains of meat were met by them in the great hall. There he took them on himself, The Duke Harness was slain, Great General Gaskell was injured , the intrepid and resolute Braujou knew his end was near, when a human came through the portal throwing his swords up in a Sign of a cross, pressing it against Valcua's fore head it weakened him enough for them to take him. This sign has a price of who ever does it all memory of it disappears the instant they release it. Vowing to get revenge on those who sent him away, Valcua promised he would return to kill them and the descendants of the Human. They then made a pact that if he were to ever return that they would protect the decedents at all costs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Besides having all the physical stats of a Greater Noble and have the fight prowess to challenge the Ultimate Noble along with  The Great General Gaskell, and Count Braujou his powers and abilities are unknown.

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