On the northern Edge of the town of Somui is home to the Dyalhis family.

Known MembersEdit


The term refers to the descendants of the brave human from five thousand years ago who along with General Gaskell , Duke Harness , and Count Braujou captured the Ultimate Noble Valcua and brought him before the Sacred Ancestor who then banished him to the far reaches of space. In that conflict the vampires were overwhelmed and on the brink of defeat when he the human with the name of Dyalhis brought him down with  single forbidden sign. Crossing his two swords and placing them on his head the Ultimate Noble was weakened enough for the others to take him. In olden times this sign had great meaning, the sign of the cross. Out of respect and reverence to that brave soul who saved them the Nobles that accompanied him made an oath to protect them at all cost. While the Ultimate Noble vowed to get revenge on those same Nobles, and especially on the descendants or children of the human that help to send him away resigning him to his ill fate.

Lamoa FortressEdit

It was at this time not too long after Valcua's banishment that the Nobles came together to build a fortress to protect them from the Ultimate Noble should he ever return along with the Dyalhis Children. This Fortress stand in the middle of the Central Frontier, a tactical move on their part being the point that could be reached from all sectors equally.

Present DayEdit

Upon his return the Nobles set out to find and protect the descendants as promised. D also hears of this from Count Braujou, and General Gaskell. Having found the Mother just before her death is hired by her to also protect them.