When D's wooden needle piercesThe Weapons Master of Razin organic brain her electronic backup brain kicks in. The thoughts of the electronic brain were almost entirely limited to combat, but to allay the risk of danger, it'd been adjusted to allow a few normal thought processes. An engineer who'd come from the Capital did the work himself. He used to work for the Nobility which implies he was taught how to use Nobility level tech/electronics. She was able to tell D with it what Curio said to make her turn against the village and take control of her organic brain. Proof that Curio's word has to be geared toward one type either organic or inorganic for him to take control. She also has thoughts enough to be attracted to D enough to put on special perfume and care about the destruction she cause which filled her with sorrow. The brain then delete the memories which may have been her will to or its will to so she can be free to continue the fight.

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