The biker gang in the village of Sacri, who's leader is Elena. The gang's favorite hangout is Grau's bar which is in a converted warehouse on the outskirts of the village.


The gang was formed around 10 years ago. Whether it was always headed by Elena isn't said but it seems this is the case. The members are all described as rough individuals who are of a new generation of humanity that has broken through the Nobility's genetic predisposition to fear written into the very code by their rulers. While they are more resistant they are still human and the darkness and power of the organization and its members still instill fear enough.

They have become a force in the village and trusted to the level that the Mayor seems to not be squimish about riding with them using them as official escorts when confronting The Four Knights of the Diane Rose. Though they proved to be very useful 7 of the members fall to the Rose Kiss of Nobility leaving the 4 remaining members to take a trip to the Shamballa Forest for blue yaki moss. Only Elena survives the Forrest.

Named MembersEdit

There are 11 in total in the gang, known members are:

Other possible members not said are:


They all ride on gasoline powered bikes with the classic roar of the engine and the smell of the fuel burning: Elena's Motorcycle