Enba is part of the 5-headed mercenary band led by Mikado hired by the neighbouring village of Satori to lay claim on the recently unearthed ancient Noble machine, that may or not lay in their territory. Afterwards the mercenary band got hired by the villagers of Zappara to assassinate Baron Alpulup Macula

They are a very jolly bunch mercenaries, who enjoy a drink and keep their professional life and bussiness seperate. As don't seem to mind D hanging out with them in a bar, and treat him as if he was a comrade of their own.

A muscular giant of a man who looks exactly how you’d expect a warrior to look. He has beady small eyes, a broad flat nose and terrible buckteeth. Because of his looks he despises 'pretty boys'.

The Sacred Ancestor grants the five mercenaries, power to slay greater dragons or even the toughest nobles.

He makes his appereance in Record of the Blood Battle .

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

An expert swordsman, Enba dual wields two long swords in a manner as if he was the very picture of heroism. 


Two long swords.

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