A  facility that stands  in the middle of the Highway of the Dead. Appearing from a distance to be a building with out a single soft line, its massive and imposing entrance is more like a castle's gatehouse, except the gates are off their hinges. The courtyard and all the buildings and towers are devastated. The size of a major city, it's much larger than the  Facility in the Great Subsidence near Sedoc. Apparently the sole purpose for this factory was to create Yuma, and many less-than perfect attempts at the same being remain there. Towering especially high behind a front yard is the central research  center. Three thousand stories under ground in that building is the core of the facility. Another building has a medical enter on the five-hundredth floor, it's a hundred times better stocked than any  of the great hospitals in the Capital. The equipment suggests it could hold only  about a hundred patients. A computer controls everything in the medical center, including the pharmacy. Underground, there's a proton reactor. D unleashes it's energy, destroying the factory.

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