Lead by Baron Meinster , the Florence Nobility ruled over the Northern Extreme areas around the North Sea.
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The Sacred Ancestor over powering the Nobility in Florence demonstrating his power


Cruelest of the Greater Nobility they created many terrible monsters and beasts from genetic augmentation, mysticism, and other methods. They destroyed many communities in the area for sport or amusement with no rhyme or reason. Even Nobles that visited the Baron's mansion suddenly went missing, thought to be experimented on and dealt the worse kind of treatment. They did work on over coming the weakness water gives the Nobility. No one had more success than Baron Meinster. And there was no one to challenge their endless blood letting.

One day as described by the Florence villagers of today, a Legendary Traveler in Black visited the area. He came by boat, to which he meted out a terrible punishment on the Nobles gathered in the square. His decree anger them beyond reproach and they attack the man waging a terrible war. Coming at him enmasse the traveler with one flick of his cape blew away their vehicles of war with ease. It not only blew them away but also shook the very foundations of their homes and tore off the roofs. The destruction continued till none of their homes  were left all taken care of instantly.

The Nobles then all hastened to leave the area except one.....Baron Mienster. In a battle that leveled mountains he was quickly defeated casting his corpse out into the sea, where measured were taken so that he would never return. The sea monsters and other life were also then destroyed. The people of Florence never came to know this traveler was actually the Sacred Ancestor. He made it so the humans could live here now in peace.


The Nobles in this area lived lavishly, their weapons and technology  were pale in comparison to the machines of Baron Meinster. They came at the Sacred Ancestor in chariots(May have been Air Chariots but still antiquated for the time) and other antiquated weapons of warfare of the time, having lived so long unopposed probably.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Noble level Physical Stats

Water Adaptive Technology

Area ControlledEdit

Florence Northern Sector

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