Forest in the Eastern Frontier, home of the Tree that takes Human Form.


When Kuentz was hired to go to the Eastern Frontier region and help out, he'd encountered a tree that took on human form. Thanks to her lovely countenance and tempting flesh, he had just about to throw himself on her in spite of himself when a more experienced local saved his life. Armed with a home made  Flamethrower he set the tree to flame destroying it in time. Later Kuentz heard how the scent  of the pistils of it's blossoms held a secret that allowed the transformation. It was a hypnotic liquid that halted human thought processes. There was no doubt what would happen next once ensnared. This flame throw is then passed down to Kuentz from the man, likely as a memento of sorts. Kuentz puts this same weapon to good use when caught in the situation of a similar nature with another tree that preys on the group descending down into the great subsistence.

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