A  group that travels accross the Frontier delivering goods people have ordered----like Santa only they're alot better armed. To deliver the essentials of everyday life, they'll ride through the dead of night. Since they're constantly out on the Frontier, where things can get rough, goods are in short supply, and accidents do happen there's a system in place whenever the railroad goes----several stations in safe spots get shipments of goods that transport parties can use to replenish their depleted stock  of merchandise. And since they haul valuable goods they need to be well armed and have skilled guards. For a trip convering three villages, the use the minimal of ten men, while a party  covering an entire Frontier District needs more than thrity. The transport party Kyle leads is supposed to hit five villages. For use against monsters and other supernatural creatures, their wagons are equipped with engines and after burners, and can hit seventty miles per hour in half a second with on press on the gas. The Frontier Commerce and Industry Guild's Transport Party is a direct extension of this organization. Being  an organization based in the Capital they are affiliated with all the other Capital dispatched groups.

Extension GroupEdit

Frontier Commerce and Industry Guild's Transport Party


Frontier Medical Corps

Frontier Defense Force

Frontier Center for Calculations

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