Their job usually consists of carrying cargo around in those wagons, but we cover the whole Frontier. A wagon
Sergei, Juke, Gordo Transporters 001

Sergei, Juke, Gordo Transporters

gets emptied pretty fast, and you also have to take into account bandits, monsters, and natural disasters. In this line of work, you can't just shrug your shoulders when you lose the whole works in an accident. But you see, wherever the trains run, merchandise gets sent to a number of security stations, and we've got a system where we can go there and pick up when our stock runs low. That's why we are always fully loaded. One such restock is a place called Jalha. Get a wagon, some horses and some guys. Every one of those villages wait on pins and needles for our goods.

They carried in the Dark Road the cure for the Fountain Plague


The realization here is the restocking point.

transporter mealsEdit

Where transporter party meals are concerned, time and nutrition ar of the first considerations. If it's reasonably filling while providing sufficient nutrients and calories and can be done quickly enough to not keep them off road too long, then the taste and appearance are respectively secondary and tertiary concerns. Being used to such fare, the transporter trio naturally finds the spread Rosaria prepares to be outstanding. It's a pity Gordo is such a pain in the ass about it.


Supply Wagon

Firearms and other weapons as needed

Fireproof Shield


Plastic Raincoats

Rope Gun

Pneumatic Gun


Gordo *leader*



Killed in ActionEdit

Kyle(Fomer Leader)