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Nobility Retainer


Magnus Lee

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Vampire Hunter D
Volume 1
VHD: 1985 OVA

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"Don't try anything funny—I'll show her no mercy"

Garou was a Werewolf and loyal servant of Count Lee.


He wears a black inverness cape, and appears to be a normal human. He is actually a supernatural genuine werewolf and can transform into a huge wolf form. In his wolf form, he was black beast with glittering wildly eyes. He have iron-shredding claws, rows of razor-sharp teeth jutting from a crescent-moon mouth that split his face from ear to ear. Jet-black fur sprouted over every inch of him.


According to Magnus Lee, Garou is rather hot-blooded individual. Garou is bloodthirsty, ruthless and warlike beast with the indescribable evil desire for slaughtering and killing not only his opponents, but also attacking the victims in this case, Doris, or her brother Dan. He will show somewhat arrogant side and great confidence in his own abilities, which is seen in his battle with D. He will be considered a D for the a worthy opponent, because he simultaneously instills fear in the beast's heart and simultaneously creepy desire to kill it. He proved to be extremely loyal to his master, which will without question be made on his every command.


He drives Larmica Lee's carriage and is under Count Lee's direct command. The Nobility have spread genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced fake werewolves across the world, but Garou is the real thing. He is ordered to attack D and despite his super human speed and regenerative powers of a hydra he is cut and unable to heal.

Later, he's just about to attack Dan in the Ransylva forrest when D cuts him down.

Other MediaEdit

Vampire Hunter D 1985 OVA In the film, Vampire Hunter D, he simply made a small cameo in the film while his role is much bigger in the 1st novel. Doris is attacked by a random werewolf (later revealed to be named Garou) under the employ of Magnus Lee, who eats her wounded horse while removing her crucifix.



Loup-garou is French for "werewolf".


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