"I am General Clemens, commander of the Combat Division Z under Grand Duke Valcua. From this moment forward I am under your command"
General ClemensTyrant's Stars|[src]]]

Commander of Combat Division Z of the Homunculus Army under Grand Duke Valcua. As the highest ranking soldier in his division he caries the highest amount of respect among his troups. The soldiers under his command are of the highest quality not only in skill, combat ability, hand to hand, but also of character. They are some of the most elite troups in the history of battle. This being the case acheiving the highest rank  among them is  the highest honor he can achieve as an artificial life form and  maybe one of the highest as any kind of lifeform. He is the first to address D on Grand Duke Valcua's dimensional battlefield. His division is the one D takes command over and bests Valcua's troups with only ten men  against his tens of millions with a tactical Strike.

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