"You're an impudent one...what knowledge have you about Mayerling? Grow up together did you?"--General Sade Jermyn

"Today may well be our first encounter..."--Lord Greylancer

""Do you mean to mock me,Greylancer?"--General Sade Jermyn

"That's enough, both of you!"

Supreme Commander Duchess MircallaNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

The number two man in the war ministry, a standout in a ministry derided for their armchair strategists, he was recognized as the one piloted his own aircraft. He is one of the highest ranking generals both in the Counter Insurgency Forces and in the Capital Defense Division. Greylancer just sees him as nothing more than an untested general, an impostor trying to pass as a hero. The two almost come to blows in the war ministry, in their planned attack on Vlijmen Mayerling.

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