One of the guard beasts kept by Cyrus Fern, who trains such beats in the village of Tepes. Its legs are easily ten feet in length. Given the way it sprays webs from between its massive mandibles a spider. Its threads are incredibly sticky and resilient. Hanging from one of its threads, it can hoist its prey up with another.


Also one of the monsters infesting the Colossal tree in the village of Diemli. It attacks Miska Drake and May. More than fifteen feet long, the spider is covered with ash gray bristles that stand out like needles. Its legs  are nearly thirty feet long. Its eyes are like reddish brown,its screech is like steel raked across glass. It has a number of broken spears  and  longsword blades stuck in its back and sides. The threads it spins have powerful adhesive and dissolving properties.

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