"Interesting--maybe this is the last assassin?"

"Hey! This is.....his aura."

"A fitting final obstacle for this labyrinth.But that is sure one hell of a plan to come up with.....Leave it to good old Daedalus"

Left HandTyrant's Stars|[src]]]

Creature in King Minos's Labyrinth that relays information about foes sent there to Grand Duke Lawrence Valcua. The final obstacle. The lid of the coffin opened slowly. Once it'd finished a shadowy figure sat up, the mere act of sitting up sent out a howling air that was terribly weird and unholy.

"Its been a long time since we met. Perhaps we just needed a suitable place?" - Sacred Ancestor  

After being stabbed and not falling from it  the figure shook violently. A pale hand reached out from the shadow's chest----his right hand. The great ring on his little finger gave off gleams of gold. The back of his hand had a single tuft of hair, which lent a touch of ferocity to his aristocratic elegance. From the third joint up his forefinger moved, beckoning the hunter. Suddenly D....and probably any other foe is sent beyond earth's atmosphere. A person has to make a certain cut to reenter the atmosphere to get through what ever is preventing them from it.

It's unclear whether it's the Sacred Ancestor projecting himself, leaving some part of himself behind, or just a copy.

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