"Can you use a blade now?" D

"Yea no problem. It's like when I stabbed you..." Gordo

"That was a gift from Rosaria. "


The turbaned guard of the Frontier Commerce and Industry Guild's Transport Party.


A victim of the Nobility who was staying in his home killed most of his  family. Due to this , he doesn't trust Dhampirs . Also,  after stabbing that victim with a stake, he finds himself unable to use bladded weapons. He chose to work as a transporter as a kind of reverse psychology, figuring a line of work tht forces him to use knives and swords agaisnt monsters might cure him. If he finds himself able to wield a blade again, he wants to become a huntsman like his father was. Lady Ann plants her leech grass in him, but Sergei saves him. On seeing D destroy Rossaria, he gets angry and stabs the hunter, thus ending his problem with blades.

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