Hair of the Midwich Medusas, they spread out like tentacles through out their layer melting into the darkness.
They use them to sense potential  prey drifting about on the surface and beneath the water. In accordance to the will of the sisters , they would lure the prey  to the center. When the appropriate time came they rap around them with the strength piano wire. Using the facade of a water like area they divert the natural water where it is replaced by the secretion  from the hair itself. The liquid flowed subtly to complement the gently swaying movements of the hair, swirling it around, and even D--with a sense of touch far more sensitive than that of humans and Nobility---hadn't been alerted to the presence of the strands. They also touch and rub against exposed naked flesh to inflame desire and make a slave to desire, enticing the height of lust full emotion. It reduces the victim to a mindless lust-driven beast in sexual obscene torcher. No will is strong enough to resist.

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