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General information
Also known as

Machine Titan




Height:Over 100 Feet

Weight:Over hundreds of Tons




Build:Metalic Titan


Artificial Intelligence




Western Frontier Sector?





Powers and Abilities
  • Evolved High Intelligence
  • Highly Skilled Warrior
First Appearance

Demon Deathchase
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Hideyuki Kikuchi
The giant sentient machine that was part of a legendary battle fought on the Ancient Battlefield. Mentioned in the second novel Demon Deathchase.


It is described as an exquisite piece of sculpture: even the shapes of the muscles and the lines of blood vessels remained discriminable through the metal and later after its destruction through the rust. Certain aesthetic sensibilities had existed in the battle made forms. In response to the geometrical orderliness of their rivals--epitomized by designs that were conglomerations of planes and spheres simplified to extreme---some uncouth machines had taken the imitation of the human form to a level of beauty and perfection surpassing even the classic artistry of antiquity. Whether true "artists" existed among the machines, they not only accurately reproduced human hair produced on their androids, but every last pore as well. The wrist contains a power plant and it ran on a kind of gasoline. Their size is over hundred feet tall, brandishing weapons. Hercules uses a three hundred foot long spear.


The great machine battles had primarily been contests of combat ability for those constructed at first. Unofficial historical accounts kept by the Nobility reserved a special place for the earth-shaking contests between Apollo and Hercules. The surpassing destructive power unleashed in their clashed changed the shape of mountains, wiped away valleys, and stopped the course of rivers.

The machines of the Nobility became sentient at one point and began to fight out of petty hatred and envy of each other with brutal emotions that became battles to prove their power. In the end Hercules and Apollo hand ended their battle with neither proving the better and the massive damage and destruction of the battle churned in their wake the testament to the deciding conflict.

Caroline took control of some of its body particularly his arm.


Sentient and new to emotions at the level which he felt them they turned petty and led to battle which ended in its destruction.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hercules Goliath hand img003

D severs the colossal hand of Apollo/Hercules

As a sentient machine made for battle and over a hundred feet tall, its physical ability is hard to measure. The machine would have many thousands of tons of strength and hit with a force much higher especially given its size and the Nobility's advanced technology fueling it. All its other stats are well beyond all humans, cyborgs, and most common Nobility. Greater Nobles may be able to compare in strength. Its metal was highly durable to be able to sustain anything of that size and can most likely take Nuclear blasts with no damage when it was alive as it took a volley of Leila Marcus's Miniature Nuclear Missiles with little to no damage in a compromised state. The Nobility also had regenerative technology which the machines may have implemented.


Hercules's Spear- a massive spear 300 feet long.

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