“Headed toward Muma. As far as I know, this has gone on for more than five thousand years, and the road has been taken by more than twenty million people.”

“How many people have reached it?”

“ To the best o f my knowledge— zero.”

“Why would they do this? Is this Muma such a great place?” 

“I don’t know. But they didn’t come here of their own free will.”

“How’s that?” said the fake.

“They were summoned. By the one known as ‘the great one.’ ”

“All twenty million of them?”'

A road in the far North that appears when the North Lake Mountain Range suddenly vanishes. There are about twenty thousand people waiting to take that road to Muma , some having waited as long as five thousand years. All of them are called to Muma by the "the great one" to take part in experiments, and the road itself is a test course to weed out unsuitable candidates. Those lacking sufficient will are trapped there, not able to proceed or turn back.

March of the Living Dead Edit

When the North Lake Mountain Range vanishes and the road to Muma(highway of the dead) appears, several thousand of his vitcims who've been waiting decades, centuries or even thousands of years take to the road with joyous expresions on their faces.

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