There is holy ground on the western edge of the village of Krauhausen. In much the same way that there are accursed places they would never dare approach----locations the can only ignore or gaze at in abhorrence. The ruins of ancient religions stand in these places. Apparently something had once existed in those place that was diametrically opposed to the Nobility---something that had been held holy. Almost all of these places have been buried or destroyed by Nobility, to the point where the number of places in the world with anything resembling such ruins can be counted on one hand. In their battle with the Nobility, it was these places that the human race first thought to use, and the protective charms and icons they discovered there through their feverish excavations played such a vital role in getting a peace treaty with the Nobles athat thier true value can never be measured.

Hut For Isolating VictimsEdit

Hut set up on holy ground by the Black Masks in the village of Krauhausen. Made if synthetic construction materials, it's a ready-made unit. Inside, there's a smaller room for a cartaker furnished with a table, chair, and a simple kitchen, while across from tht is a cell ringed by steel bars. It can easily hold three people. The bars around the cage weigh over five hundred pounds. To guard against the Nobility entering as a fog, it has no windows.

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