A monsturous artificial lifeform. In keeping with the Nobility's love of weird creatures and their expertise with science and sorcery, several varieties of humonculi are known to exist.

Tepes LaboritoryEdit

In the lab beneath the Tepes Ruins, chemicals addicentally mixed by Lina form part of one of these creatures---described as the gigantic arm of a baby but with only three fingers. D tells her homuculi are spawned by lightning and congealed together.

Rose Princess's UnderlingsEdit

Tiny creatures armed with equall diminutive blades, they have little fishhook claws and tiny, batlike wings, and carry short spears.The White Knight practices on these creatures deep beneath the Rose Princess's manor.

Krauhausen D searchEdit

Possiblly made by Jean de Carriole, the ones used in Krauhausen to search for D are like winged deomons with TV eyes set in their chests. They also scurry about in Lord Vlad Balazs Mountain Stronghold carrying swords and spears.

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