The biological weapon the Nobility made out of earthwyrms. The titanic, earthwormlike creatures dubbed "earthwyrms" are endowed with what is an ideal system for an organism to remain alive---they draw the very soil into their bodies and convert it to energy. Hindered only by their inability to operate by daylight, the Nobility harnessed the creatures' energy, creating soldiers that were not only as immortal as their creators, but  that could also continue to fight outside any time restrictions. The Greater Noblity who controlled the Frontier and the polar regions worked on making their own personal armies of the  creatures with out notifying the central division. After three centuries of fighting, the central executives who'd some how managed to kill or contain the Greater Nobility prohibited for all time the production of immortal soldiers and sealed all information about their life-sustaining processes in the core of a superdense star far out in the Milky Way. A special concrete material supposedly contains the remaining earthwyrms, but one lives under the plain outside Krauhausen.

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